Amanda and Steven

I’m still trying to figure out if this day was even real and I honestly don’t even know where to start.

Amanda and I went to high school together. Even though she was a grade below me and we weren’t around each other that much, she was constantly the sweetest person and you could always see her walking around with a smile on her face. A few months ago, Amanda reached out to me sharing the news that her and Steven were planning to elope and that she would love for me to photograph their special day. Of course I was ecstatic, not just because I love elopements but because there’s no other person I would love to photograph on their intimate wedding day.

Amanda told me she wanted a very natural, adventurous setting so that’s when Roan Mountain came to my mind. I had been dying to shoot there for such a long time and thought there would be nothing more beautiful than shooting an elopement there.

So fast forward to the morning of Tuesday, March 14th. Amanda and Steven started off their morning exchanging their vows at the Knoxville Courthouse, where I had planned to meet them later on to head to the mountain. I had checked the weather right before I left my house – High of 32 with 30% chance of snow flurries. Okay it’s going to be freezing cold but other than that, we should be great! Into the trip, we’re about 45 minutes from the mountain and it starts POURING snow. The closer we get, the more we see that the ground is absolutely covered and parts of the road are starting to turn white. I’m not going to lie, a part of me was afraid that the three of us were literally going to be stuck in the mountains for two days. But the other part of me was jumping up and down with excitement because 1.) I’ve never photographed in heavy snow and 2.) I love anything and everything that’s a challenge and gets my adrenaline pumping. Once we get to the visitor’s center, we decide there’s absolutely no way that we would make it to the top, so we decide to explore the small paths along the woods. So we just threw on a few layers and the adventure began.

I honestly couldn’t have been given a more laid back and down to earth couple to shoot with during this snow storm. We were seriously running around in the middle of a snow storm, acting like a bunch of kids with not a worry in the world. And double round of applause to Amanda for having on a tulle skirt and heels during most of this madness. Not every girl in the world would have a never-ending smile on her face when her wedding day hair was frozen solid strands of ice and her original game plan had been completely wiped out, but this girl did. Her and Steven were just in their own little world, running and falling around in the snow like no one was watching. In the middle of the shoot, I stopped them and said, “guys this is seriously a fairytale.” Every moment of it was. This will definitely be an experience that I will NEVER forget and I am so thankful that these two chose me to tag along with them for such an amazing experience. I would get stuck in the middle of a snow storm any day to replay it all over again.