Conrad Wedding

I can’t even BEGIN to describe to you how obsessed I am with this wedding. I don’t know if it was the beautiful greenery bouquets, vintage bridesmaids dresses, the flawless bride and her perfect long sleeve lace gown, the unforgettable magnolia tree, the cathedral veil paired with  a crown, the pretty little rose bush, or the spring rain that never stopped. But every little piece was perfect.

Robyn and Steven had originally planned for the ceremony to take place under the most beautiful magnolia tree. As the wedding day approached, the weather forecast began to predict rain- and lots of it. Even though the rain changed their plans ten minutes before the ceremony, Robyn was the most calm and collected bride under the situation. Honestly, if everyone else would have been okay with getting soaking wet under that magnolia tree, she would have still gone for it. And that’s just one more reason why I love her. Once ceremony plans changed Steven worked as hard and fast as he could, running back and forth through the pouring rain, to give his bride the closest thing to the dream she had envisioned from the beginning. And this moment couldn’t have been any more perfect.

But we weren’t finished with the rain. After the ceremony, we headed back outside to take their portraits. We still got a shot with the two of them standing under that beautiful magnolia tree (while I might add that my sweet husband was holding an umbrella over me to make this happen) and even better, we ended the night running in the middle of the road while it was sprinkling. Robyn told me the morning of the wedding that honestly, the rain was probably meant to be. They met in the rain. Steven asked her to be his girlfriend in the rain. And now they can say they started forever in the rain.

Gown: The Dress Theory / Theia

Florals: Motts Floral Design

Makeup: Sepideh Goforth