Hill Wedding

Kristin + Ernie’s wedding held a special little place in my heart for two reasons.

Kristin met with me for coffee to discuss booking her wedding in early 2016 – just that thought alone brings so many thoughts of how far God has brought me and changed my life since then. At that point in time, I was just starting out in wedding photography and honestly had NO idea that God would be revealing that this was His calling for my life just a few short months later. Kristin was one of those lovely souls that has stood by me, supported me, and watched me grow from the beginning. And from the beginning, Kristin + Ernie’s story always touched my heart because it reminded me so much of mine with my husband. God brought them together when they were 16 years old, giving them the blessing of growing up together. Just like us, they decided to wait until after college to get married – resulting in the struggle of what seemed like a never-ending engagement and dealing with the ups and downs with everything the college experience can bring to a relationship. So once their beautiful day came, it meant so much to me to be alongside them as they finally had reached the day they had been praying for. I don’t know if it was because I could relate to every emotion Kristin was feeling that day or if it was because God was allowing me to relive every step He had guided me through from that April evening of 2016 – but every single little piece of being present in that day tugged at my heart a little harder than normal.

God never fails to open my eyes and show me a perfect purpose for every connection He blesses me with through photography. With Kristin + Ernie, He showed me two.

God makes everything beautiful in His time.

Never forget where you have came from. And especially never forget how far God has carried you.