McKenzie + Austyn

McKenzie + Austyn

There was never a question during my lifetime that I ever doubted who it was I would end up
marrying one day… it was always Austyn. We’ve grown up together, which is perhaps my
favorite aspect of our relationship. Throughout the years, we’ve had so many ups and downs, but
to be able to learn and grow from them is what has brought us to where we are now.
Our love story started when I was fourteen years old, and Austyn was turning sixteen. Back then,
I was TERRIFIED of boys, but for some reason, Austyn was always just so easy to talk to. I
ended up asking him to be my date to my 8th grade dance… which he replied with, “Do you have
a dress? What color should I wear? Where do you want to eat before? Who will take our
pictures?” Everything but yes.

Fast forward to the end of my freshman year of high school and the end of Austyn’s junior year.
We ended up deciding that we needed to take a break, because young love never lasts, right? We
spent six months apart, which was majority of his senior year at our high school.
During those six months, there wasn’t a day that flew by that I didn’t think of him. I knew, deep
down, that we were supposed to be together. And he did too.

Austyn asked me to be his girlfriend, again, the summer of 2012. He was getting ready to move
to Carrolton, Georgia to go to school at West Georgia. I was still just a junior in high school.
That year was incredibly hard, but we made it through. Even though he was away, Austyn was in
the stands every Saturday when competition cheerleading season began, and was wherever I
needed him to be, no matter what it was.

My senior year, I decided to try out for a prestigious all-star cheerleading gym in Marietta,
Georgia, called the Stingray All-Stars. I ended up making one of their Worlds teams, called
Peach. No one was happier than I was, except for maybe Austyn. We had practice almost every
single day, for around three and a half hours. Marietta is also two hours away from my
hometown. There were a lot of late nights and early mornings, but Austyn pitched in and helped
my mom cart me back and forth whenever he could. By this time, he was back home in nursing
school at Georgia Highlands College in Rome.

When it was my time to choose a college to attend, I decided to move to Kennesaw, Georgia to
attend Kennesaw State University. That put yet another strain on our relationship, but those
sleepless weekends and long strips of time when we couldn’t see each other made us that much
more in love.

December 26, 2015 is when Austyn asked me to marry him. We were at my grandparents’ house
in South Carolina celebrating Christmas. My grandmother had passed away a few weeks before
this, so Austyn planned his proposal with my ENTIRE family. I always tell him that giving me
my ring and asking me to be his forever was the best day of my life… until the day I did become
his wife.

We waited two years to get married, which was pure agony!! Two years of planning the perfect
wedding, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Within those two years, we bought a house, both
got our “dream jobs,” and allowed ourselves to grow even closer than I thought we already were.
You see, even though Austyn and I spent four proms, four graduations, and so many holidays
together, I was still learning something new about him every single day. I can’t tell you how
many times someone has told me that we wouldn’t last, or that we would eventually grow apart.
I’ve been warned that our growing up together would hinder us from experiencing life, but the
truth is… I would never want to see a life that doesn’t have Austyn in it.
It’s so cliché to say that I knew from the start, but I did. There was never a question during my
lifetime that I ever doubted who it was I would end up marrying one day… it was always

And now he’s mine forever.