Mitchell Wedding

Lindsey + Albert

“Our love story is a true work of our amazing God, we owe it all to him.
Albert grew up in Nashville, TN, while I grew up three hours east in Maryville, TN. We never
would have met if it were not for little signs from God pointing us to one another. During my
junior year of high school, my older sister’s friend and teammate from Maryville College came
to live with my family for two years. She became like an older sister to me and I would travel to
visit her home in Nashville with her on the weekends. I came to find out she had twin cousins
that were in the same grade as me. Albert and I first met the fall of 2012, being introduced by
his cousin that I had grown so close to. At the time, we were both dating other people and
talked a little back and forth as friends, but only a couple conversations. A few years passed and
it came time for college. My sister’s friend moved out and back to Nashville, I signed to run
track at King University in Bristol, TN, and Albert signed to play football at Samford University in
Birmingham, Alabama.

We both moved to college expecting to find our significant others there where God had placed
us. Come to find out we were 6 hours apart from who God wanted in our lives. School and
athletics got so busy and neither of us gave the other much thought since our initial meeting
back in high school until one day I met a girl named Lindsay Curtis. Lindsay played soccer at my
college and lived down the hall from me. Strangely enough, she went to the same high school in
Nashville that Albert attended and dated him at one point. She became one of my best friends
at school and we connected how we both knew Albert and his family. After no communication
for a few years, I decided to tell Albert Happy Birthday that December when I saw it on
Facebook. We sparked conversation about where we were in life and how college was going.
We would play words with friends every now and then, but after a few months of random
conversation, we stopped talking again.

Fast forward a few more years, and we are both Juniors in college. We both dated other people
in college on and off but neither of us had found that person that we were looking for. I was
getting very frustrated and could not figure out why all my friends had found their person, but I
couldn’t find mine anywhere. God had a plan the whole time. October 2015, my friend Lindsay
gave me a book to read. It was called, “When God Writes Your Love Story.” That book was
another step in finding Albert. All along, God knew who the person was that I would spend the
rest of my life with but He knew I wasn’t ready yet. That book opened my eyes and knocked
down so many walls that I had built up. I was trying to do everything on my own and thought I
knew what was good for me and I had no idea. The night I finished the book, I was sitting in my
room back home on Christmas break and my phone buzzed. I looked down and had a message
from Albert Mitchell. We hadn’t talked in months and I didn’t have him anywhere in my
thoughts. He asked if I would be in Nashville anytime soon and I told him I didn’t have a reason
to be or I would. The funny thing is His dad had reminded him to “think about asking out that
Maryville girl”. A few weeks later I found myself in Nashville staying at my friend Lindsay’s
house. Albert and I went on our first date of many that New Year’s Eve.

After Christmas break, we went to our separate colleges and decided we were going to try the
distance thing. We stuck it out, graduated from our colleges and both returned to our
hometowns. Albert in Nashville, myself in Maryville. At this point we knew that we had found
the person that God created for us so we continued distance. On September 15, 2017, Albert
asked me to marry him. He set up the perfect scene on our dock overlooking the pond with
lights, roses, and candles, got down on a knee in front of both of our families that night and
asked me to be his wife.

April 07, 2018, I became Mrs. Mitchell. We had planned this beautiful wedding outside on my
family farm and I had never been so excited about anything. The forecast showed sunny and 70
degrees up until the week of the big day. April 7th finally rolled around and the high was 39
degrees with a 100% chance of rain. We ended up moving both the ceremony and reception
indoors last minute. All our plans that we had talked about for months were changed, but we
would not have changed a thing. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect. There was no greater
feeling than standing in front of God and all the people we love, making the ultimate
commitment to love each other forever.”