Hi, there. I’m so grateful you’re here.

My name is Allison, the heart behind Finding Eden Photo. If I could tell you one thing about the passion behind what I do, it would be that it is all fueled for and by the love of Jesus Christ. His love entered into my heart when I was 16 years old almost 7 years later after I surrendered my life to Him, He gracefully revealed to me that sharing His love with the world through photographs was His calling for my life.

With every ounce of my being, I believe we love only because He first loved us. That uncontrollable, indescribable feeling that burns deep inside our hearts and is sealed by the covenant of marriage – that is His most precious gift to us. It is so overpowering, so unconditional, so everlasting that no matter how hard we try, our hearts simply cannot contain or control it. It is His precious gift of showing us that the love we feel doesn’t even scratch the surface of the love He feels for us.

To authentically tell the story of His love, I believe it is imperative to capture those real, raw, messy, unexpected, intimate, and emotion filled moments that aren’t always planned. Just like His sweetest blessings, those are the moments that we cherish the most but also always seem to show up when we least expect them. So if you’re not afraid to have a little adventure, boldly express the love you have for the one your soul loves, get your dress a little dirty, and embrace all of the incredibly messy moments, then we may just be the perfect fit.

The love of Jesus Christ, that is the love that transformed my heart.

That is the love that burns a fire in my soul.

That is the love that my heart desires to capture for you.