You are trusting me and being vulnerable enough to not only verbally tell me your story, but to visually create it in the most authentically beautiful way possible. That is why I want to share my heart and my story with you, too.
Hi, there. I'm so grateful you are here.
this is me + my love. this is my story.

My name is Allison, the heart behind Finding Eden Photo. If I could tell you one thing about the passion behind what I do and my everyday walk, it would be that it is all fueled for and by the love of Jesus Christ. His love entered into my heart when I was 16 years old, when God graciously brought Reiss into my life when I was going through the hardest, darkest time of my life. I was completely lost in so many more ways than one, but to this day I know with all of my heart that God sent me Reiss to show me the love of Jesus Christ. Almost a year into our relationship, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. As time has passed, the Lord has continuously showed my heart His never-ending grace and never-failing love. Five years later, I held the hands of my best friend and vowed to love, to cherish, to honor, protect, show and share with him the love of Jesus Christ for all of our days. Reiss and I have now been married for the most beautiful five years and call Knoxville, Tennessee home with our two fur pups Eviee and Bronco. Still to this day, Reiss is the calm to my storm. I keep him on his toes while he keeps me grounded, and he reminds me not to take life too seriously all while I remind him that life is full of so much adventure. He is my completely perfect polar opposite and I literally consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to be married to this man and even more blessed that God sent me him to find the love of Jesus Christ when I needed it the most.

Right when I thought the Lord's blessings could not get any sweeter, He then graciously revealed to me that sharing His love with the world through photographs was His calling for my life during the summer of 2016. From that point until every continuous new day, He continues to fill my heart and my life with so much passion and admiration for the love that only He can provide.

With every ounce of my being, I believe we love only because He first loved us. That uncontrollable, indescribable feeling that burns deep inside our hearts for that one person - that is His most precious gift to us. The feeling of love that is so overwhelming, so everlasting, so unconditional that no matter how hard we try, our hearts simply cannot contain or control it. It is His precious gift of showing us that the love we feel doesn’t even scratch the surface of the love He feels for us. Being given not only the gift but the calling from God to document His love manifested through the deepest parts of our souls and share that with the world is the absolute greatest and most humbling blessing to me.

There is nothing I hold more closely and more dear to my heart than this and that is exactly why it means the absolute world to me that you would even consider trusting me to capture the most beautiful, intimate pieces of the story of the love God has given you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your love with me, even if it is the smallest piece.

This is my story.

And now, I cannot wait to hear all about and experience yours.